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Psychological challenges for PhD candidates 

International research (e.g. Stecker, 2004) shows a heightened risk for psychological symptoms and mental stress for PhD candidates. Also, in the VUB psychological wellbeing survey several VUB PhD candidates indicated that they perceive a lot of mental stress due to their work and show heightened risk for psychological distress. Therefore, the VUB doctoral schools developed together with BRUCC a special program targeting psychological challenges for VUB PhD candidates.  

The group therapy will be semi-structured. Some aspects will be introduced by the therapist, such as the psychological and social difficulties that might arise while working and living in a foreign country, how to cope with high demands, social isolation, stress, the pressures of deadlines and perfectionism... These themes will be introduced by the therapist, but the content of the sessions can be adjusted to the specific needs of the group. During the group sessions we will work on sharing experiences and finding tools to deal with these complex situations. 

Language: English 

Practical: The group therapy will take place on friday from 13h - 14:30h - FULL

1e sessie: 19/11/21 

2e sessie: 3/12/21 

3e sessie: 17/12/21 

4e sessie 7/1/22 

5e sessie 21/1/22 

6e sessie: 4/2/22 

7e sessie: 18/2/22 

8e sessie: 4/3/22 

It consists of 1 individual intake session and 8 group sessions. The process of each individual is strongly enhanced by the process of the group as a whole. It is therefore necessary to follow all sessions.  

This group will physically take place in BRUCC, room C004. The VUB corona measures in force at the time will be respected.

Trainer: Geert Schelkens is a licensed clinical psychologist and supervisor in BRUCC 


After your registration you will be contacted by the trainer to schedule an intake


Pleinlaan 2 1050 Brussel
T +32 (0)476 600 130

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