Powerful me! for VUB students

Powerful me! for VUB students

Powerful Me! training for students

- Are you very critical of yourself, especially when you are struggling?
- Do you suffer from persistent stressful feelings, sadness, anxiety and worrying behavior?
- Does your perfectionism get in the way?
- Are you concerned a lot with how others see you and do you find yourself regularly ashamed?

Whether you answer 'yes' wholeheartedly or secretly to 1 of these questions, then this training might be interesting for you.

What is it

Powerful Me! is a MSC training. MSC stands for Mindful Self-Compassion and is about training - your evolutionary newest part - of your brain. We train to be kind to ourselves. Although it sounds like normal, many of us have a hard time with that. After all, the critic voice can be very strong. We are more often our criminal judge than our justice of the peace. Just think about it for a moment. When a good friend is struggling, we are more than happy to support and help - while we often give ourselves a hard time. The above complaints are the price we pay.

There is good news! You can train kindness and gentleness. The Mindful Self-Compassion Training (MSC) is there for you if you want to increase your quality of life and overcome obstacles with more resilience. We wouldn't be the VUB if these training courses didn't have scientific ground. Feel free to delve into Kristin Neff's extensive bibliography on the efficacy and effectiveness of self-compassion training.

What are you learning

- adopt a milder and kinder attitude towards yourself, especially during the difficult moments;
- insights from Western and contemplative psychology related to the practice of self-compassion;
- helpful skills when confronted with discomfort, pain or stress;
- practical exercises for everyday life.


The training is strongly experiential and consists of eight sessions of 1.5 hours each. Exercises and meditations are offered that are aimed at growing acceptance and connection with ourselves and with others. We reflect on difficult experiences and at the same time we make room for some humor and easyness. On the basis of self-examination you can give more purposeful direction to your life, after all you learn what is helpful for you and what is not.

Practicing at home with the audio material offered is important. You get the most out of the training with a daily formal practice and reflection of an average of half an hour to an hour a day.

Each group has a maximum 10 participants.

For whom

This program is for students of the VUB whose curiosity is stimulated when they read this.
After your registration, we will contact you to book a first introductory talk.
This offer is free of charge and is offered by the VUB to students in cooperation with the student psychologists of BRUCC.


Online summer course: Eng
Tues 6/7, 13/7, 20/7, 27/7, 17/8, 24/8, 31/8, 7/9 from 10h tot 11h30
Registration closed

On campus Autumn group 1: Dutch
Wed 6/10, 13/10, 20/10, 27/10, 3/11, 10/11, 17/11, 24/11, 1/12 from 10h00-11h30

On campus Autumn group 2: Eng

Tues 5/10, 12/10, 19/10, 16/10, 2/11, 9/11, 16/11, 23/11 from 10h00-11h30

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Pleinlaan 2 1050 Brussel
T +32 (0)476 600 130

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