OFFER Psychotherapy

OFFER Psychotherapy

BRUCC is a center for psychological services where children, adults, couples and families can go to for psychological counseling.


Are fears standing in the way of your daily functioning, do you suffer from depressive feelings or would you like to learn how to deal with major life events? Then you can contact us for psychological counseling.

Children and teens

Are you looking for guidance for your child after a diagnosis of ADHD or autism? Or does your child, for example, have problems at school, injure him/herself or suffer from fears? Then our children's team can help you with that.

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Couples and families

Have you grown apart as a couple? Is your family facing the loss of a loved one? Are you being challenged by a new phase of life? Do you want to find a balance as a newly composed family or are you stuck in a high conflict divorce? Our relationship and family counselors are available for professional care or advice.


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