Imke Baetens

Imke Baetens

Prof. Imke Baetens specializes in aetiology, prevention and outpatient treatment of emotional and behavioral problems in children and young people. She has an international reputation in research into intentional self-injury in young people, and specializes in family therapy for intentional self-injury. In 2017 she (together with Prof. Peter Theuns and Prof. Chris Schotte) opened the doors of the Brussels University Consultation Center (BRUCC). Her clinical practice is continuously aligned with recent scientific insights, and conversely, her work experiences in clinical practice inspire her teaching and research. She describes herself as a scientist-practitioner, and believes it is important to include this vision in education for psychology students. 

Imke is a family and relationship therapist within BRUCC and she specializes in the treatment of self-injury in young people. She also takes care of supervisions and she will give workshops and lectures. 

Education and experience:    

  • Postgraduate degree in relationship, family and systemic therapy, KU Leuven (2014)    
  • Assistantship in the Context family and relationship therapy center of UZ Leuven (2009-2013)    
  • Doctor of Psychology, Clinical Psychology (2013)    
  • Master in Educational Sciences, Orthopedagogy (2008) 

Current work context:    

  • Professor (100%) at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) (2014-present), specialized in the prevention and treatment of emotional and behavioral problems in children and young people. Imke Baetens is an international expert in research into the prevention and treatment of intentional self-injury
  • Visumnr.: 316914


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