BRUCC Wellbeing VUB staff

BRUCC Wellbeing VUB staff

BRUCC Wellbeing is a new joint initiative from BRUCC and People and Organisation. BRUCC Wellbeing currently consists of two psychologists, working for the wellbeing of VUB staff members. Find out who we are under Team BRUCC Wellbeing.

BRUCC Wellbeing aims to contribute to the wellbeing and resilience of VUB staff members. We hope to achieve this by wellbeing-surveys, trainings, the development of e-learning modules, workshops and lectures. You will be reading more about this here within due course.

We also provide psychological support for members of staff who experience a reduced sense of wellbeing, due to their work, or who have a feeling of getting stuck in work. In case you would like to find out if you would be eligible for this service, please contact team Well-being (People and Organisation): Jan den Haese (0487/30.07.10), Aline Antoine (0470/83.46.79) or Noëmi Verreyen (0474/85.17.77).

Please note that we as psychologists are bound to our professional secrecy, so that all information will be kept confidential. 

In case you are experiencing mental health issues that are not related to your work situation, we also recommend that you seek help. We kindly refer to our BRUCC centre for psychological assistance. Both online- and face-to-face consultations are possible. Consultations at BRUCC take a maximum of one hour, and cost €70 per session. Especially for VUB staff, your medical insurance (hospital insurance) reimburses 250 euro per year for ambulant costs.

In case you are unsure of where to find help, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. 


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